Gurkha Adventures:

Get, set and, Adventure!

Our Story:

What we are and, what we aspire to be.

We are a Nepalese rooted company operated by ex-Gurkhas which was founded in 2008. Since then, we have been offering wide range of exhilarating adventure trips with authentic services.  We bring to you some of the most attractive world famous holiday destinations from across the country well placed under flexible tour packages that correspond to your time limit and budget. From the North face trekking adventure and watersports to jungle safari and cultural expedition, Gurkha Aventures has everything covered.

If you love exploring the nature, we will take you to places where the scenic elegance will amaze you to the bones. To those who seek for challenging expeditions amidst the wild and unvisited trails, we have adventure grit that takes a lot of courage and sense of adventure. Gurkha Adventures is best known for the Himalayan trekking and peak climbing. We have successfully landed thousands of tourists on mountain tops (some of the highest mountains of the world including the ultimate highest- The Everest). The well trained and certified professionals that we have enable the operation of these highly technical and challenging trips. When your vacations meet our plans, you will be left with some brave stories.

Gurkha Adventures cordially invites you to experience the magnificent glory of the natural bliss among the Himalayas. If it is the safety that is worrying you, let us worry first. At Gurkha Adventures, we promise the optimum management for your health and safety ensuring a happy time. And as you return to your homeland, take along with you some undying memories carved in your bones.

You only live once. If you have not come across the ‘living’ part yet, here we are, just a call away. Contact us and gift yourself an adventure of a lifetime. 

Here is why choosing us will be one of the best decisions of your life.

Travel differently & discover the unknown

At Gurkha Adventures, we think differently and manifest likewise. We have regular tour packages brought to you with unique services and itineraries. We take you into some hidden locale through less trodden paths costing you some more sweat before you reach the destination. We know the lands known by the few and where you will discover the unknown.

Options that make it easy for you to make a choice

We have every possible destination from across Nepal making it easy for you to find one that suits your taste and budget. Our departure dates are flexible and we have something for all the age group. We have an amazing choice of outdoor programs ranging from soft day hikes and cycling to challenging water sports and mountain adventures that tax your physical ability above the timberline. You can have it the way you like it for we give you nothing less than the best.


We provide you the best & most comfortable form of transportation wherever you go. However, you can travel as per your preference. Transportation will be based on your choice of destination, service level, and trip style; we give you alternative options to move around too.


The kind of residential options we offer you are meant to give you that special bliss that only comes when you are at your own home. They can range from village homesteads in the mid hills to the comfortable hotels. Since the adventure, you can also find yourself sleeping moored under the stars in a tent on the banks of a rushing river or, a cozy teahouse lodge above 4000m. No matter where you stay, we ensure you the best sleeping experience that is meanwhile safe. Our aim is to offer you realistic wilderness experiences that will jell well with the local nature and spirit of your adventurous journey.

Inexpensive Single supplement

If you are a person who at the end of the day seeks for solitude, then we have it for you arranged. We respect your privacy thereby offering you a ‘single supplement’ facility wherever we go. We arrange your own private room in a way that the cost won’t hurt your pockets.

Being flexible to suit your Independence

Despite the planned itineraries, there are times when you simply want to be footloose & fancy-free. You may want to just wander off to a bar to chill out, a cafe to enjoy your cup of coffee or, catch up on your favorite novel. Along the trail, you may want to go to some spot all by yourself and without disturbing  your actual program. We allow you enough space to do your favorite things your way, nurturing your independence the way it should be.

We are on hand 24/7

As a global adventure travel company, we know that questions can crop up anywhere and at any time. Our commitment to excellent services means that we are available 24/7.

Balancing the cost and the values

We believe that great travel experiences needn’t be expensive. We maintain a fine balance between cost and values its worth. Wherever feasible, we go the extra mile to offer highly competent prices to make sure our clients don’t feel , because this is what spoils an otherwise good vacation.

Keeping track of you on rugged trails

At Gurkha Adventures, what matters to us is your safety throughout the trip. So, we keep track of your movement via. a highly sensitive tracking device that is held by your senior trek guide who constantly relays all your movements wherever you are to our computers at our office. This ensures the most vital part of your trip…YOUR SAFETY. We are the only company in its category in the country to have such facility.

We acknowledge our responsibility

Above all and most importantly, we are committed to Responsible Tourism through policies and practices which saturate all aspects of our business. We make sure that all our holidays are undertaken in a way which is environmentally and culturally sound. Environmental consciousness remains at the very base of everything we do as an outdoor tour operator.

We make sure that our holidays benefit the local communities, safeguard the environment by minimizing pollution, and respect local traditions, religion, and heritage.

We tread gently, manage our wastes, cooperate with the locals and, respect the tradition. For us, Responsible Tourism is a practice we preach & is more than just policies. Gurkha Adventures also has been conducting various donations and training programs to help the community.

Plan your holidays with GURKHA ADVENTURES and experience an odyssey to the splendid natural bliss of Nepal.