khil-thapa-originalKhil Thapa

When leading becomes the way of life.

Khil Thapa is the CEO/founder of Gurkha Adventures and former Queens Gurkha Engineers (QGE) personnel with a colorful military background. Khil is a figure with an excellent decorated profile seeped in blood and sweat. On retirement, this background experience became the platform to launch a business of his own which specialises in organising some of the most challenging adventures in the world.

Khil has walked the trails of Nepal’s vast Himalayas at all times and seasons. He was also a member of a team that summited Mt. Everest in the spring of 2006, with more participation in some highly challenging expeditions on some of Nepal’s most dangerous but beautiful peaks. This warm hearted gentleman is also a skilled map reader and a professional Jungle Survival Instructor. It is these cutting edge experiences that allow him to assemble some of the most trailblazing holiday packages in Nepal.

Khil’s vision has always been to look beyond the tourist traps and to provide practical itineraries that include long-lost mountain trails, hidden valleys, isolated villages and deserted plateaus. His trips are always geared to take you right into the mountains amidst the local folks and their culture where you will discover nature, humanity and above all, yourself. Right from the on start, Khil had always believed in a philosophy that was based on ‘thinking global and acting local’. His only endeavour is to create an inviting environment for all the adventure enthusiasts around the globe.


Samir Thapa

Samir (aka. ‘Sanu’) is highly seasoned in outdoor adventures on Nepal’s tough Himalayas. He is proficient in organizing and escorting numerous trekking trips for charity groups from Europe and the United States. Fond of climbing and biking, Samir is a person who loves his job.

He is also a ski and map reading instructor and has gone the mile across the borders into Europe and organized a sizable number of trips in the Alps of Hannibal. Samir is also a certified Mountain Bike Instructor in MIAS Level 5 from the UK, and organises Mountain Biking trips across Nepal’s vast diverse geographical terrain. This multi skilled man is somebody you will want to be a part of your trip.


Dorje Khatri

Late Dorje Khatri – R.I.P. – An obituary

A tenacious Mountain Leader, Lt.Dorje unfortunately was one of the victims of the massive avalanche due to the earthquake on 18th April, 2014. With many years of diehard experience in mountain climbing, Dorje hiked the winding trips with many successful trips, Dorje hiked the winding trails with many successfully. He has also made it to the summits of Everest on 9 different occasions which includes the technical challenging peak of Cho Oyu on 6 successful attempts, Amadablam 4 attempts, Baruntse 3 attempts and, the eighth highest peak in the world – Mt. Manaslu just in the first attempt. There are many other well known mountain peaks that he scaled over a dozen times.

Gurkha Adventures was and is proud to have this brave figure as one of its members. His contributions and his cheerful face is deeply sculpted in our hearts and minds. Might his departed soul rest in peace.


Prakash Gurung

Prakash is Mountain Bike tour leader and is a gentleman who is passionate about his job. This active member of Gurkha Adventure also is a student of Travel & Tourism. He has been guiding trips in Nepal for more than 5 years. Prakash is also a qualified trekking guide and Kayaker who has done the rounds on the mountains and the wild rivers of Nepal’s Himalayas.

Prakash is warm and friendly and will go out of his way to ensure your contentment in the trip. Be it the struggle in the rapids or the acclimatisation before a trip, he is the one you can always trust on.


Mansing Tamang

Mansing is one of those people whose experience as a trekking guide is so extensive, he’ll tell you precisely what time the rooster crows and exactly from which part of the mountains the sun will rise at the break of the dawn. Mansing has been escorting trekkers in Nepal for almost two decades, and he has enjoyed it all to the hilt.

Mansing assists with all matters relevant to trekking for Gurkha Adventures and has travelled the length and breadth of most of Nepal’s gigantic Himalayas. He is highly familiar with most of the trails in all of Nepal’s prime trekking regions. This hard working guide is as down to earth as much as the trails he’s hiked for most of his youth. With Mansing as your guide on the circuit in whatever region of Nepal, be sure of an adventure that is safe, engaging and, memorable.


Bisnu Thapa

Bisnu is the new kid on the block. Although he has been in the industry for only 3 recent years, he is a qualified river and trekking guide who is raring to go all the way in giving adventure seekers the vacation of a lifetime. Bisnu also juggles between his studies and his job at the same time; he is a second year undergraduate student of Commerce. Bisnu wishes to make his career in tourism with Gurkha Adventures and has been learning under our guidance. This young and energetic boy will add zeal to your adventure.


Mohan KC

Mohan is also an in-house product of Gurkha Adventures and has been on the mountain circuits for 6 years. Mohan is keen guide who seeks to make his bones and shape his career in Tourism for as long as it takes. He enjoys his work and goes out of the way to please our clients on the tough trails of Nepal. He is a qualified and experienced trekking guide who has been on Gurkha Adventures Payrolls for a long time.

Bijaya Thapa

A passionate mountain biker, Bijaya escorts bikers to some of the key mountain bike trips organized by Gurkha Adventures. He is also cousin brother to Khil Thapa. Besides, Bijaya is a student of Software Engineering. He handles all the work relevant to his field of education. This avid mountain biker knows where the fun begins as you ride along the mountain trails.

Ishor Thapa

Ishor is the Administrator of Gurkha Adventures and is the younger brother of Khil. Ishor is now studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Education. He is a trained city tour guide in the valley and also deals with all the ticketing of clients for international and domestic flights including the road trips. Ishor is an efficient administrator who has a good eye for details and takes care of all of Gurkha Adventures administration for the smooth operation of the company.

Bikash Gurung

Bikash is one among only a handful of anglers found in Nepal’s fishing world. He has organized a number of fishing trips throughout Nepal, and owns a chain of restaurants that specializes in fish items in the Kathmandu Valley. He is an extremely friendly and effable person who wants to enjoy life to the fullest. Bikash wants to be a fisher of men and accompany like minded people like himself- people who love life and adventures.

He will take you to those quiet country ponds in the countryside for a fishing trip amidst Nepal’s beautiful landscapes with one of man’s favorite pastimes – angling. Venture out on an angling trip with Gurkha Adventures and enjoy a  fishy dinner en route.

Namita Khadka

Administrator Namita has been in the travel business for over 7 years and has previously worked with Qatar Air and Gulf Air. She is a final year MBA student and helps with all ticketing issues related to Gurkha Adventures’ clients.

She is the one person at Gurkha Adventures who skillfully solves the flight issues making the deals hasslefree. This hardworking lady is cordial and an experienced member of Gurkha Adventures.