6000M Trekking Peaks

Nepal have over 1310 peaks above 6000m. Many of these 6000m climbing peaks are open for mountaineering in Nepal. These 6000m climbing peaks are controlled by NMA and government of Nepal. As being a member of the Nepal Mountaineering Association helps operators to organize peak climbing programs in different parts of the country. 6000m Climbing peak gives amateur climbers an opportunity to tackle a Himalayan peak without having to organize a major expedition. Some of them are called as 6000m trekking peaks because they are in the trekking routes.

Even though these peaks aren’t as lefty as their cousins- the 7000m – 8000m peaks, a lot of the climbs are not any less demanding and adventurous in nature. By the Himalayan yardstick these are considered small mountains, but on a worldwide scale, a few of them are incredibly challenging ice and snow climbs of high standards.¬†Climbing 6000m Peaks for our clients, we expect the understanding of climbing hardware to equipped with top notch mountaineering equipments.

Most popular 6000m Climbing Peaks in Nepal are Mera Peak, Lobuche East, Ama Dablam and Island Peak in Everest Region. There also many other 6000m Climbing Peaks scatter all over Nepal. Best season for the Peaks for climbing in Nepal is in Autumn and Spring. However, winter climb is also getting popular among discerning climbers as snow conditions currently gets relatively stable.

Our company provides guests with qualified UIAA and trained mountaineering guides along with other area staffs to take inexperienced visitors, even non climbers, to the summit securely. Our services are guaranteed to make one’s trek including the peak climbing, very safe and simple. Please check our programs for more information and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.