Trekking Nepal


Picturesque Hikes of Self Discovery…

Trekking in Nepal is more of a holiday with a sense of purpose. The landlocked nation owns eight of the top ten highest peaks of the world and landscapes that are naturally delightful. The mesmerizing and nature-friendly trails on the planet perfectly blend with the awesome ecosystem of the mountain cultures making the Himalayas one of the best adventure destinations in the world. Despite what most assume to be, hiking on Nepal’s mountains is not idealistically travelling through the unknown wilderness and venturing into some mountain maze that no one has ever heard of. As you hike through well tread paths used by many before, backpackers often come across something far more welcoming. Nepal has an astounding number of routes to suit the taste of any and every trekker irrespective of their age or physical abilities. These long winding trails go wide and far, cutting across borders into Bhutan, Tibet and the mountains of India in the east and to the far corners of the western borders as far as the Himalayan chain stretches. The intermittently spaced villages and tea houses allow trekkers great chances to wind down and recover, either for a few minutes or a haul in for the night. It has been reckoned that the best seasons for trekking are the dry and warm seasons. During these times the weather is cooperative too with skies sparkling blue while they can be foggier in May­/June. It is possible to trek in off seasons but there will be of rain and leeches during the monsoon and severe cold and  closed passes during the winter months of December, January and February. However, Nepal also has the rain shadow zones those rarely experience rain in the monsoon. The restricted zones fall in the rain shadow areas of Nepal so there is trekking for you throughout the year.

The above article highlights the way Gurkha Adventures envisages trekking in Nepal. If you decide to plan your holiday with us, we will take you to these mountain tops and will give you the best of two worlds, one; a world that promises a better understanding of our fellow beings, and the other; a world of self-discovery where the legacy is born “The Himalayas”.