Dhaulagiri Region

Trekking Dhaulagiri region:

Trekking Dhaulagiri region is one area where few would like to go, but go they will, all out with guts for glory into territory not many would want to venture into. However, Dhaulagiri is worth its weight in gold if you want to experience virgin territory where raw landscapes radiate an exceptional beauty that warms your heart in this geographically cold region that has no mercy on anyone should you dare to tread its territory unprepared; trekking in this area is pretty taxing and you need some footfall experience and knowledge in the wilderness of the kind you find in the incredibly lovely Dhaulagiri region because the physical attributes of this region are dissimilar in nature; Mt. Dhaulagiri {white mountain in the local jargon} is segregated from the Annapurna region by the Kaligandaki gorge {the deepest on this planet}.

Trekking Dhaulagiri region by itself is home to about 15 peaks that go over 7000m & doing this trek is a challenge in itself because of the length it takes to encircle Dhaulagiri at 8167m, with its launching point at a bubbly little village called Beni. the Dhaulagiri region is a remote, rugged land to the core & is laden with silver grey snowcapped peaks all around; there’s not a single angle that you walk through where you don’t get to see massive peaks glittering in the morning sunshine as you look up & wonder to yourself, ‘can I climb this peak?’ this is the planet’s 7th highest mountain and for those who dare, its an eagle’s nest. The peak stands tall above the popular religious trekking site of Muktinath, with ferns and forests of mountain Oak and other trees and juniper forest that shed their leaves in the autumn winds. Colourful rhododendron forest and numerous wild growing flower species are found in abundance on the trail. You will like it when you see little alpine flowers spotting the wind blown rocky earth even on the mountain passes above the timberline.

Trekking Dhaulagiri region of mountains stands like a bodyguard over the hidden land of Dolpo on its northwest front. It’s lovely to hit the trails in spring as it passes through a wave of rhododendron blooms and other wild flowers that look wonderful in the backdrop of the landscapes we see on the way. The Dhaulagiri Mountains beckon many brave climbers/Trekkers to challenge its summits, especially in the area between the French Pass & swiss Pass at 5250m, where numerous climbing expeditions failed in their climbs, earning the peak a treacherous name among mountains as a peak very difficult to climb; however, & finally, in 1960 a Swiss expedition successfully summited Dhaulagiri Peak among much fanfare. Trans-Himalayan trekking in the Dhaulagiri region is pretty low key but this is one area where the Great Himalaya Trail cuts across; and the drums of destiny will strike their beats & trekkers will always clamber up the mountains of Dhaulagiri in the spirit of adventure and will go the mile in wading into this vast untamed region…most mountains around the world go by different names, but the Dhaulagiri in Nepal is one mountain that will amaze you to the bone….sort out your gear and pack your bags.