Rafting Kayaking Course in Nepal

We offer Rafting kayaking courses in Nepal for beginners. This course offers with the complete range of instruction, awards and certification. Most importantly, we bear in mind that  rafting kayaking course is about FUN. Our expert instructors hope to guide you into the world of kayaking without missing the fun part. Many of river are regarded as some of the best  rivers in the world. Most of our guides works abroad during off season. With this international work experience and skills,  rafting kayaking course with our instructors will be more fun and safe.

We care about you. so we put safety first. We ensure that your learning progress will safe and smooth. so that student can enjoy the rafting kayaking course the way you like it. Our rafting kayaking course focuses on developing solid whitewater fundamentals in Class I-IV Rapids. This great weekend of teaching and learning takes place on the Trisuli river and many other places. Best season for kayaking course Nepal is in autumn.

It will just after monsoon and will be warm. Autumn and spring is good for the rafting guide course. All the student must cover with insurance. Insurance must cover helicopter rescue and medical cover. Student must be medically fit,

The skills that we cover during the weekend include:

Basic skills covered in Whitewater applied to Class I-IV Water

Basic river features, terminology and safety

Reading rapids and choosing lines


T-rescue (Whitewater)

Efficient forward paddling

Eddy turns and peel-Outs


Surfing small standing waves

Course Location: Trisuli and other locations.

Cost: On request  (includes boat rental and gear)

The cost of the course includes kayaks equipped with floatation bags, spray skirts, paddles, wetsuits and helmets. Lodging, transportation and personal paddling clothing will also be provided.

Please give us a call if you have any queries.