Mountain Climbing Course in Nepal

Fixed Departure for 3 weeks Mountaineering Course

May 10-30, 2024 and December 10-30, 2024

Our Mountain Climbing Course offers clients the opportunity to learn basic mountaineering skills. These courses are conducted at various locations in Nepal. Whether one is a total beginner or an experienced climber, our courses cater to everyone. We provide instruction to novice enthusiasts as well as amateur climbers. Our course covers all the key skills required for mountain climbing and is taught by qualified Nepalese Mountain Climbing instructors who are UIAGM certified. We offer a range of mountain climbing courses at different levels. Additionally, we provide various other courses related to mountain climbing. Gurkha Adventures is responsible for running all these courses.

Choosing GA for your Mountain Climbing course has several advantages, including affordable costs and highly qualified instructors. Most of our instructors have extensive mountain climbing experience from around the world. Prior to enrolling in the basic mountain climbing course, participants are required to complete a rock introductory course to qualify for selection into the NMA. The duration of our courses varies from 3 days to 4 weeks. The 3-day course serves as an introduction and does not provide certification from the NMA. It is designed to familiarize clients with trekking peak climbing. This course is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels.

All students must be covered by insurance, which should include helicopter rescue and medical coverage. Students are also responsible for bringing their own personal equipment. However, technical equipment can be provided upon request for a daily rental fee. The autumn season is the best time for the basic course, while the winter months of January to March are ideal for the advanced course and beyond. Please contact us to check the availability of course dates or for any other inquiries regarding mountain climbing courses in Nepal.”

Technical Mountaineering Course Details


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