Langtang Region


TREKKING LANGTANG REGION is one of those regions in Nepal with a more gentle part of the wilderness that’s different to some wilderness. Trekking Langtang Region human & nature live in peace with one another in tandem with the calm & beautiful environment. For both short and medium range treks in Nepal, this zone has within its borders an attractive variety of multiple highlights that present majestic opulence, delightful look-ins to the Sherpa and Tamang way of life in this gentle but challenging region, colorful rhododendron forests, cascading waterfalls & serene lakes, glaciers and, of course, masterful views of snow-clad mountains.

Trekking Langtang Region journey could also begin from Dhunche/Syabru and takes you through another route up to Kyanjin Gompa, passing through what many believe to be one of the most naturally beautiful valleys in the world, the green Valley of Langtang. For the hardened and more experienced trekkers, the Ganja La pass at 5200m is an option for tougher climbing.

Gurkha Adventures can also take you into Langtang through the 5308m Tilman pass from where you can glimpse right into Tibet. The descent takes you into another world; it’s a hidden valley, of glaciers, flush alpine meadows and cheese factories. You can taste some of the delicious yak cheese and the pure curd, & then make a beeline for home via the verdant gorge of the Langtang Khola, & as you hike the trails, you may come across families of playful grey langur monkeys and the shimmering Impeyan Pheasant, the national bird of Nepal.If this is Langtang for you, then so be it…it may seem too good to be true, but this is one part of the Himalaya that may steal your heart away…because it reminds you of home, a special peace, friendly fauna…& all the good things that God has given us in life…just check out Gurkha Adventures for more information…this may be just the kind of vacation you’ve yearned for all of your life…