Everest Region

Trekking Everest region where traveling is better than arriving…Even though there are other lovely regions to trek in within Nepal, probably half of all trekkers would say that the ‘Everest region’’ is where it all happens; some of the most formidable & highest peaks are found in this region, which also offers good weather, wine, sublime walks & some of the tastiest grub you could ever imagine anywhere else…& this is what draws one & all to into the Khumbu wild for some of the most natural environmental ecosystems defined anywhere.

The Khumbu is home to a number of scattered villages throughout the region, some of the prominent ones are: Namche, the assumed capital of the Everest region, Ghat, Khumjung, Khunde & Phortse etc which also houses some very famous monasteries in this thriving region. A lot of the trails through the mountains are strenuous, but you can bet your last buck there are some lovely places to haul up, rest them weary bones and perhaps, enjoy a meal along the way. You needn’t worry about losing your path: just ask any local you bump into on the way to the next village on your route, and they will happily show you the way. To quote a Zen poet who once wrote: “Going deeper and deeper – still the green mountains”. This quote is definitely relevant to the Khumbu, but while the mountains are actually why we are here to begin with, this zone gives us much more to look at & experience… the Flora & Fauna are a delight in this region. The national bird, danfe (a kind of pheasant), and mountain goats we see around are common in the Khumbu area, and since the Sherpas do not kill animals or birds as dictated by their religious beliefs, people often get very close to them before they take off. Musk deer and snow leopards are also native in the Khumbu Mountains, but they are rare to come across. The Trekking hereabouts is awesome & so is the food; Most of the teahouses down here seem to serve parallel menus – you get your porridge, hash browns, omelets, dal bhat, spaghetti, fried rice, apple pie, etc. – however in Namche, your meal selections could be much more & include things like pizza and a whole range of sandwiches with juice.