Manaslu Region

Trekking in Manaslu Region

Trekking in Manaslu Region: A ‘two horned mountain’…blue sheep…and roaring waterfalls with dancing butterflies. Manaslu (also known as Kutang) is the eighth highest mountain in the world, and the name translates into the ‘Mountain of the Spirits’’.

The Manaslu and Ganesh region seems to be an amalgamation between the past and future – the pretty lively villages hereabouts are still yet to be explored, but hikers are warmly welcomed – and tTrekking in Manaslu Region offer undiscovered trails as the platforms are laid for a new ‘MECCA’ for diehard trekkers looking for new frontiers.

Manaslu geographically stands north of the medieval fortress town of Gorkha, the seat from where the recent kings of Nepal, past and present, set out to invade the rest of feudal Nepal in the 18th Century. Recent evidence shows the Manaslu Circuit is now slowly getting to become a teahouse trail, making way for hazy wood-mud-rock settlements of the Nupri Valley. And trekkers are Scot free to walk around the host of new trails being researched at this very moment. The Tsum Valley trek gives trekkers fabulous vistas of the four 7000m peaks of the Ganesh massif, and hikers go on to discover the divergent Tibetan-influenced traditions of the Tsumba people, who strictly disallow the slaughter of all living fauna in the area. And this has greatly benefited the endangered species like the Snow Leopard and the Red Panda and other animals in the area.

Trekking Manaslu Region is so much in extraordinary landscapes of Manaslu to compete with the Annapurna region, it’s now high time the Manaslu region make its mark in this region. We need to branch off from the crammed trails of the more known regions that have dominated trekking for years. Forget the lively new teahouses for the moment, you’ll have the trails here all to yourself.