Map Reading Course Nepal

The Map Reading Course in Nepal introduces a new skill for our guides, expanding beyond their reliance on local knowledge. The influence of guides working overseas has sparked a change in mindset. The ability to read maps has become essential for all outdoor enthusiasts. By enrolling in the Map Reading Course, we gain the expertise to navigate and interpret maps effectively. This course familiarizes us with the conventions used in cartography, enabling efficient and quick map reading. It serves as a valuable reference for understanding maps and land navigation, providing a general overview of these subjects.

It is important to note that map reading is not an end in itself; rather, it serves as a means of communicating structured information. As map users, we must select and interpret the specific information needed for our particular purposes. Developing competence in map reading and land navigation is within the capabilities of anyone. However, it requires practice and individual effort. Without regular practice, these skills can easily diminish. Participating in orienteering events is an effective way to improve map reading skills, especially in challenging environments.

Gurkha Adventures stands as the sole company in Nepal that offers Map Reading courses. We take pride in providing this unique opportunity to enhance our map reading abilities.

Lesson 1- Introduction to Map
Lesson 2- Grid Reference
Lesson 3- Conventional Sign
Lesson 4- Counter & Slopes
Lesson 5- Shape of the Ground
Lesson 6- Measuring Distance
Lesson 7- Bearing
Lesson 8 Lightweight Compass
Lesson 9 – Lightweight Compass 2
Lesson 10 – Relating Map to Ground
Lesson 11-  Route Selection
Lesson 12 – Romers & Protractors
Lesson 13 –¬† Prismatic Compass
Lesson 14 – Fixing Positions
Lesson 15 Р Marching & Pacing
Lesson 16 – Direction by Sun & Stars