Makalu Region

The Makalu Zone: A gemstone in the wilderness…a dominating peak, the 5th highest in the world…& the rare birds give you good company all the way…

Trekking in Makalu Region is unexplored territory of the wildest kind with horizons of landscapes that flow for miles without ending, the camping journey to Makalu Base Camp from the south is said to be a highly taxing route in Nepal, and you perhaps, may only find yourself in the company of birds more than anyone else. But this is what adventure of the wildest kind is all about. if you looking for some big time trekking/climbing, then you may trek the Great Himalaya Trail from Kannchenjunga side to Everest: if you are attempting a mission of this scale then you need to be prepared for some high & wild combo hiking into cross-country mountaineering, you will need to cross into the upper Barun Valley and then over the high passes of the gruelling Three Cols, which may take you straight into the clouds at 6200m. this area is also home to some stunning peaks, they are: Mt. Makalu (8463m), fifth highest in the world, Mt. Chamlang (7319m) and Mt. Baruntse at (7129m), the geographical standings of these contrasting mountains are baffling as they go into depths that are just 40 km of horizontal space; the amazing drops are 7793m in height down to the Arun river at only 670m, as we bump into cascading waterfalls that flow down into deep gorges & the raw beautiful nature hereabouts shows us jagged rocks jutting out from dense foliage forests & colorful flowers leave a blazing stream below shimmering snow white peaks…proudly displaying the special physical aspects of this wonderful region that could hypnotize us within seconds.

If you are one of those seasoned trekkers/climbers looking for the big mountain challenges, then crossing the gritty high passes of the Sherpani Col, the West Col & the Amphu Lapcha straight into Everest country, you must be geared for some highly technical mountaineering starting in the Makalu region…and the rewards will give you a heavenly bliss of something well accomplished.

The isolated Remote valleys of the Makalu Barun region don’t see many visitors, but for those who do care to venture into its environs, will encounter a lifetime experience never to be forgotten; this region is also known for its thunder showers, snow and the mesmerizing glaciers that leave us gasping for breath. Hiking in this region is best done in the autumn months of October and November. But don’t hesitate & contemplate for too long – there’s a major hydropower project in the wings, & if you truly love nature of an extremely unique kind, then you better make a beeline to trek Makalu right now.