Kanchenjunga Region

Trekking Kanchenjunga Region

Trekking Kanchenjunga Region: A monster mountain…sacred and revered by millions. if you wish to test your physical and mental abilities…then its king Kanchenjunga…at 8586m…its all guts and glory!!!

If we are heading down to Kanchenjunga, then we have to start from Eastern Nepal which is naturally diverse in nature in many ways; ethnic communities such as the Rai and Limbu people, a productive range of flora due to a highly rainy monsoon period in the region and some of the most gracious mountain windows anywhere in the Himalaya. As we cling on to the glacial torrent of the Tamur and Ghunsa Rivers who define their roots by the North West side of the Kanchenjunga Himal, we find ourselves in an unknown world, even though we live on the same planet. Shortened by an alpine opulence in every direction that we can see, peaks such as Pyramid Peak, Jannu, with the Twins and for sure Kanchenjunga at (8586m) dominate the settings that we behold. When our journey does wrap up, there’s nothing less sublime as we return by way of the Mirgin La Pass at (4500m). The return experience takes us to another plain…the Kanchenjunga  region is merciless, but its flora, fauna and landscapes are as soft and gentle as the petals of the lovely rhododendrons that we see glistening in the sunshine of a rainy monsoon day…

This colossal mountain was first climbed on 25 May 1955 by Joe Brown and George Band, who were part of a British expedition. They hauled up short of the summit as per a promise given to the Maharaja of Sikkim that the peak of the mountain would remain untouched. All who have attempted the summit has followed this tradition.

The villages down here seem to be wealthier than anywhere else in Nepal, but the higher you climb; the more remote are the chances of finding settlement. A cool way to develop friendships down here is to team up with the locals for a heart-warming drink of hot tongba, the fermented millet drink of the east…it sure kicks the fatigue from your weary body