Multi Adventure in Nepal

Multi Adventure Nepal allow you to experience a chain of different activities in a time-saving, cost-effective, hassle-free manner in Nepal. It is also a wonderful and unique way to discover the real Nepal and all its wonders: mighty snow-capped mountains soaring into azure skies; turbulent Himalayan rivers, carving their way through deep gorges; sweeping hills of densely wooded jungles; seas of rolling hills cradling hidden valleys in their bosoms; humid rainforests of secretive wild creatures, and chess board farmlands in the Terai.

Come with us on a magical, mystical tour of your making, from mountain to mountain, valley to valley, plateau to plain and explore the home of the people, whose language and customs are as diverse as the terrain. And enjoy giving your body an invigorating workout while you are at it! Multi-Activities with GURKHA ADVENTURES can be enjoyed in almost any permutation and combination of your choice. If we do not have a configuration to suit you, we will tailor-make one for you. With us you will learn not just about our environment, but about yourself as well.