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3 Peaks Adventure Challenge is an annual premier adventure activities challenge held in Nepal. Taking place from March 24th to 27th each year, this challenge is open to adventure enthusiasts from all walks of life, both from Nepal and around the globe. The Nepal Adventure Challenge is a physically demanding event designed to assess individual and team adventure skills, as well as leadership and navigation abilities, in difficult terrains and challenging weather conditions. To maintain the natural and realistic environment, the 3 Peaks Adventure Challenge is conducted across a combination of private and government land.


The aim of the 3 Peaks Adventure Challenge is to provide a world-class adventure activity that enhances the capabilities of outdoor leaders and promotes Nepal as a prime destination for adventure activities.


The 3 Peaks Adventure Challenge is divided into three stages:
Stage 1: Chimkeshowri Hill
Stage 2: Ichhyakamana Hill
Stage 3: Manakamana Hill


The 3 Peaks Adventure Challenge is a competitive event. Teams will be assessed throughout the various stages, with intermediate checkpoints serving as evaluation points. Participants should consider themselves in a challenging mid-hill terrain environment for the duration of the challenge. Evaluation will be conducted objectively and subjectively, using a marking guide developed by adventure governing bodies. All participating teams will receive a briefing to ensure that the areas assessed objectively are covered. The overall performance of individuals and teams completing these challenges will determine the awarding of certificates of achievement, with recognition given for 3rd, 2nd, or 1st place where merited.


The Nepal Adventure Challenge is designed to assess a broad range of outdoor adventure skills and team activities at a basic level. Adequate preparation is crucial for good performance and safety for both individuals and teams. A physically fit and mentally prepared team generally performs well. Participants are advised to seek detailed event information through email or other means of communication to receive guidance.

a. Fitness: The Nepal Adventure Challenge covers a route of approximately 100 km over challenging hilly terrain. All participants must be deemed fit to attend the challenge (see Medical consent). Additionally, all team members must be able to swim.

b. Equipment: Teams are required to arrive equipped according to the provided equipment list. The individual equipment carried during the events is for safety and personal gear.

c. Skills: Potential skills to be assessed may include:

(i) Leadership.
(ii) Navigation.
(iii) Obstacle/River Crossing.
(iv) First Aid and Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) procedures.
(v) Communication Skills, including activity briefings.
(vi) Basic survival skills.


Stringent safety procedures and measures are implemented to ensure that all events comply with the Safe Systems approach (Safe Place, Safe Person, Safe Equipment, and Safe Practice). Participants are expected to reach the necessary fitness, health, and training levels to participate in the challenge. The adventure challenge organizers will ensure that all activities undertaken as part of the event adhere to the Safe System of adventure challenge and training. Any risks to life are reduced to As Low as Reasonably Practicable.

Overseas participants are expected to have a similar adventure challenge safety system, if not better. It is the responsibility of overseas teams to ensure that their members are appropriately trained, equipped, and prepared for the adventure challenge. Moreover, team leaders must feel empowered to raise concerns to the adventure challenge organizer if they believe that certain activities pose intolerable risks to themselves or their team members.

Includes and excludes :

  1. Transport to the race and back to Kathmandu(Only from Kathmandu)
  2. Food Dinner & Breakfast (Lunch on the move)
  3. Accommodation (Tents, Mats)
  4.  Event Medal
  5. Prizes for Fist Second, Third, and which ever team reach quickest on the 3 x different Peaks
  6. All the equipments to perform adventure task
  7. Map & Compass (1 set per team)
  8. Water in the check points during the race
  1. Sleeping Bags
  2. Personal Insurance
  3. Transportation in & out of race.
  4. Personal Gears
  5. Any Other things not mention above

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Itinerary breakdown

3 Peaks Adventure Challenge

This is an adventure challenge which is going to be held from 24th to 27th of March, 2025.

Day 01 Arrival and race briefing

Day 02: Race (4 x Person Team)

Day 03: Race

Day 04: Race Prize distribution and disperse.

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Destination Map